In the dynamic landscape of industrial power management, the need for stability and reliability is non-negotiable. Enter the SAKO SBW Series 250 kVA Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), a technological marvel designed to redefine power control for industries that demand precision and efficiency. This blog post aims to illuminate the key features and benefits of the SBW Series 250 kVA AVR, showcasing its capability to elevate industrial power resilience.

Key Specifications:

  1. Current Type: AC
  2. Phase: 3 Phase
  3. Model: TNS
  4. Input Voltage Range: 304-456V AC
  5. Input Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  6. Output Voltage: 380V±3%
  7. Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  8. Under Voltage Protection: 318+/-7V
  9. Over Voltage Protection: 426+/-7V
  10. Efficiency (AC-AC): >95%
  11. Bypass Protection: Yes, Manual/Auto (Optional)
  12. Acoustic (Noise Level): <50 dB
  13. Temperature Range: -5 ͦC ~ 45 ͦC
  14. Humidity Range: 20%~90%

Ensuring Industrial Precision: At the heart of the SBW Series 250 kVA AVR is a commitment to precision. Designed for 3-phase AC systems, this model ensures a consistent and stable power supply within an input voltage range of 304-456V AC. With an output voltage of 380V±3%, industries can trust in the precision engineering that underpins the optimal performance of their critical machinery and equipment.

Robust Voltage Protection: The AVR’s under and overvoltage protections (318+/-7V and 426+/-7V, respectively) act as a vigilant shield against voltage fluctuations, safeguarding industrial equipment from potential damage and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Efficiency Redefined: Operating with an efficiency of over 95% in AC-AC conversion, the SBW Series 250 kVA AVR not only stabilizes power but does so with minimal energy loss. In an era where sustainability and cost-effectiveness are paramount, this efficiency becomes a game-changer for industries seeking to optimize their power infrastructure.

Adaptive Bypass Protection: The optional manual/auto bypass protection provides an added layer of adaptability, allowing industries to seamlessly switch between power sources as needed. This feature ensures continuous power supply even during maintenance or unexpected events.

Silent Operation, Resilient Performance: With an acoustic noise level of less than 50 dB, the SBW Series 250 kVA AVR operates silently, contributing to a conducive work environment while upholding its role as a robust guardian of industrial power stability.

Versatility in Challenging Environments: Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -5 ͦC to 45 ͦC and humidity levels between 20% and 90%, the SBW Series 250 kVA AVR proves its resilience in diverse industrial settings, from manufacturing plants to data centers.

Conclusion: As industries evolve, so must the technology that powers them. The SAKO SBW Series 250 kVA Automatic Voltage Regulator emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering precision, efficiency, and adaptability to meet the ever-growing demands of industrial power management. In a world where reliability is paramount, SAKO’s AVR stands tall, empowering industries to thrive in the face of power challenges.